Fukushima River and National Highway Office

Sabo (Erosion control)


If there should be a landslide in the upper river and a large amount of debris should pour into our town, buildings and roads would be demolished, and rice fields and farms would be devastated. “Sabo” protects towns and people against this kind of disaster.

The sabo technology in Japan has achieved what is widely considered the highest standard in the world, and the word “sabo” has assumed the status of a common word in many languages of the world.

In order to prevent landslide disasters from happening, the Fukushima River and National Highway Office, while appreciating the value of natural environment and unique regional history and culture, has been undertaking various activities and operations to achieve a safe and comfortable living environment in the community.


Sabo Projects and Our Approach


Preparing for Volcanic Activity of Mt. Azuma


Azumayama ―Preparing for volcanic disaster―