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Welcome to "Let's investigate the Kitakami River together!"
This is the homepage to enjoy the study of the whys and wherefores of water use and the Kitakami River that runs through the central part of Iwate Prefecture. Let's look at many facts about water, something we usually use without thinking.
Using water 1
  How much water do we use in a day?
Using water 2
 Valuable resource…how water is used
The circulation of water
 Where is water from? How is water circulated?
Geographical features of a river
 What kind of river is the Kitakami? - The topography of the Kitakami River
River weather
 What kind of river is the Kitakami? - Weather conditions affecting the Kitakami River
History of the Kitakami River
 What kind of river is the Kitakami? - The culture and history of the Kitakami River
Floods and droughts 1
 River water sometimes gets angry
Floods and droughts 2
 If a flood occurs…fully prepared facilities are very helpful.
Floods and droughts 3
 Working together to wrestle with a flood
Beautification of rivers
 Rivers are valuable, however they become dirty without the care of people.
Living things of the river
 A census of living things in and by the river with the aim of living in harmony with them.

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